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Feb. 11th, 2008

Oh my goodness, it's been two years with this lovely lady:


Thora, my first Pullip.

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Jan. 17th, 2008

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stolen from Kristi on myspace.

Jan. 15th, 2008

I finally uploaded all my Eternal Sunshine lightbox pics I took a long time ago. They're on my Flikr, but they are friends only because I'm afraid that they are some sort of copyright violation. Anyway, if you want to see the rest, just friend me on flikr. My username is also spookypaperdoll.

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the details

uggh. I hate working full time. I was just reading my old lj and it was semi-interesting. I feel like I have no life anymore. I get up, I go to work, and repeat. I work 12-9 so five entire days out of each week are pretty much shot. I have two days a week to wear my normal clothes and be myself, but it's just not enough. I wish I had more time to myself, too. I'm a pretty independent person. I like time alone to relax and zone out a bit and take time to reflect. I used to update my lj constantly, but now I rarely get a chance to do it. Writing it out was the only way I could hold onto my memories, and now my brain just deletes the important stuff so I can remember which cell phone has push-to-talk.
I think maybe I'm just whining too much. On my days off (usually Thursdays and Fridays) I always try to take time to myself to do something I really like to do. I usually go take some pics or knit something, update my ipod, work on one of my altered books, or play a video game. It's small stuff like that that gets me through the rest of the week. Being a grown-up sucks.
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So...my boss makes wedding cakes sometimes. This lady came in today and ordered one from him and he ended up pimping me out as a wedding photographer! Eeep! I've never done a wedding before. I was going to one time, but some personal stuff came up and I had to cancel. But that was for a couple of friends, not complete strangers. Anyway, I end up giving the lady one of my cards. Part of me is so nervous about it, I almost hope she doesn't call. Another part of me is genuinely curious about how well I could actually do at it. I think I'm going to ask Doug, this guy I work with, if he will help me. He likes photography too. I don't know how much to ask. Maybe I should just do it for free for the practice. I don't know how Doug would feel about that, though. Tomorrow I'm going to gather up some pics for the lady to look at if she calls, and also I'm going to the library to get some wedding photo how-to book. Our library is pretty sad, but I think I remember seeing a couple of those there.

Also, meet Coraline, my Christmas present. Stica is amazing in person.
I was messing around in photoshop with that one. I used "apply image" to combine two photos. I have a couple more pics of my new stica, but I'm kinda tired. I'll save it for another post. If you want to see them now, I'm spookypaperdoll on flikr too.

I couldn't sleep on Monday night, so I put my ipod on shuffle and the first song I heard this year was the Blake Babies singing "Temptation Eyes". My God, that is an amazing song.

Dec. 22nd, 2007

My Flikr account hasn't been letting me upload lately. but I got it to work tonight.

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Well, I've attracted quite a few of Dolly Friends now. I just want to state that this will also be my personal journal sometimes, too. I don't know if I made that clear. I know some people just want dolly journal friends, and I won't be offended if anyone takes me off their lists. I'm not one to blab on about my political or religious views, so I'm not likely to offend anyone.
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Dec. 13th, 2007

As stated in my profile, I used to be ash_2_ash.  I moved to  myspace a while back and started blogging there, but I just really hate myspace.  Then I tried Blogger because you can post pics directly from Picassa, but there's just no one on there.  So I came back here to LJ.  I think this is the best place to make a blog.  It will mostly be a Pullip Doll blog, because my dolls are a huge part of my life now.  I also do a bit of knitting and whining about my work (j/k but some will be personal).

I don't have any doll pics to post today.  I'm just in a good mood because I'm getting a $250 bonus today (plus my regular paycheck with a new raise on it!), and I don't really have anything I have to spend it on.  I'm taking Travis, my boyfriend, out to lunch today because he just finished his first semester of his senior year of college (yay only one more to go!).  And I do have to finish up buying a couple of little presents, then I'll be done Christmas shopping.

I am thinking of joining the Shin-Chan Bastard Brigade; after all it is my favorite show.  I just have to write this dumb essay about why they should choose me.  I hate that.  I write well, but only when I want to.

Anyway, I'm about to go about and add interests and join communities and such, to make new friends.  So, welcome new friends!



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